Thursday, September 23, 2010

Poverty is our problem!

Poverty is our Problem!

When I saw this photo it really made me sad.  To think that these ladies make less than $2.00 a day to work at this factory that supplies Starbucks their coffee...yet we pay over $4.00 a cup for coffee...does it make sense?
What can you do?  What can we do?  Poverty needs to change.  We are God's hands & feet and we can make a difference if we really want too!
We all can "do something".  I pray that I will never drink a Starbucks again without thinking about the poverty in Ethiopia and throughout our world.  We haven't been called to a "rich" American life.  As Christians we are called to take on God's image.  What is His image?  Jesus on this earth was the perfect image our perfect example...we are to try and mirror Him.  He was not about stuff...about Starbucks...about Himself.  He was all about you and me.  He died a horrific death for me, for you.  What can we do to sacrifice not just a bit, but a lot for Him?  He didn't just attend church and sit in bible studies...he didn't just "do His day" and act Christian and pretend to be sacrificing, "Well, I went to church Wed. night instead of the ballgame."  "I could have went to the lake Sunday but, I gave it up for church.". That's not sacrifice!  Do you think He likes when we play this christian act?  He wants us to be as serious as He was the day He bled on the cross for us!

Poverty is our long will we ignore the truth of why we are on this earth...we are here to be God's reach the lost, to help the poor, to help the widows and orphaned.  God says it right in His word. We are to be His hands and feet!  It is our problem!

I am praying for Ethiopia...for the world...the poverty, the orphaned, the dying.

Monday, September 20, 2010

One Month DTE!

One Month DTE!

Well, this 1st month has flown by!  That's exciting for sure!  We are in full swing with so many things in our lives...but, I like it that way!

Friday we went to another Ethiopian "Get-Together".  It was GREAT!  We have enjoyed getting to know some great families with huge hearts for Ethiopia!  We are excited to see how our friendships grow with many we have met!

Do you like all of my Exclamation Points? I think that is just how my life is rolling right now...I'm on overload!  I am amazed by God!  And excited for what is to come for our family!

You know, when we decided to not stop school all summer and work ahead...we thought we knew why.  We were wanting to prepare for our baby/babies to come home and be able to take that time off.  Now, we are thinking it might be for a different reason.  We are working on the idea of the kids and I remaining in Ethiopia instead of Darren & I making 2 trips.  Sounds crazy, huh?  Well, things are falling into place...we just have a few more things to work through.  We have met some GREAT missionaries in Ethiopia and they have offered us to stay with them.  This would be a wonderful time for us to bond with the baby/babies,  for us to be involved with missions, and for Corbin to get a feel for missions (he surrendered to missions this summer at camp).  Some might ask, "How long would you be there?"  If there are no paperwork problems we would be looking at about 3 weeks.  If there is some "hang-ups" could be up to 10.  So, we are praying and working on some details!

We'll update everyone and let you know what the decision is soon!

So, what have we been up too?  We bought baby furniture, a car seat, school is in full swing, co-op has started, Awanas is going...what else, what else?  We still have supplies coming in for the orphanages/transitional, exciting!  We have picked out some names...yes, we have!  I think we'll wait a bit to share.  I want to see our babies to make sure the names "fit"!

I'm glad for Fall coming, then Christmas...this time of year we stay busy!  That is good for me right now...the "wait" is killing me :)!  I'm gonna' put up our fall decorations today. Tomorrow is co-op and basketball evaluations for will be a GREAT distraction.  Then we have Thanksgiving around the corner and CHRISTMAS!

As we wait I will continue to buy and pre-pack for this trip!  I want things in order so I'm not rushing last minute!  And let me tell you...the list is loooooonnnnng!!!  Between the 4 of us going and 3 of us staying long term and packing for baby/babies to be with long term...oh, my :)!!!

Well, enough rambling from this mom!  More updates to come!  We are thinking another 3 to 4 months before referral!  We shall see!