Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our Boy's Names...

We have been asked several times, "What is the boy's names?"  Well I can say that the names we picked out are not going to be "the names".

Once these boys came into our lives...we just couldn't change their names.  I can't imagine changing an 8 year old's name.  That would be like changing Lauren's and putting her in a new family all at once.  Even though it's not the names we thought we wanted...they are perfect!  And when we looked the other day just to "make sure" if we didn't want to change them...we knew that was not to be.

So, you might be asking now...what is their names?  We can't tell you at this time.  Until we pass court we cannot show photos or share their given names.  We hope the time comes soon when we can share our boy's with all of you!!!!

So, for now...Baby Boy "D" and "G"! ;)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Yes! 2 more BOY's!

Exciting News!!!!

Yes, it is true!  We have accepted a referral for 2 precious boys!  "G" is 8 years old and Baby "D" is 16 months!
We are just so excited.  We never thought of an older child...but, when God showed them to us...well, we knew!
We are now waiting on a court date.  This wait is much harder than the time we waited to see what children God would choose for us.  We just want to be with them!
Please pray for Baby "D".  The last report we got we were told that he has an upper respiratory tract infection.  I just wish I was there to love him and rock him!  All in God's time, all in God's time!

Here's our new additions (we can't show their sweet faces until after court):